Students are at the heart of the ÉTS mission. They are the engineers of tomorrow. By supporting their widely diverse spectrum of activities, you are contributing to their education and ensuring the vitality and commitment of future generations of engineers.

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ÉTS is home to Centech, one of the leading tech start-up accelerators in the world. Supporting the growth of a start-up company means contributing directly to our society’s capacity for innovation.

Innovation and research

Would you like to support a specific research project, chair or engineering discipline? Are you looking to develop pragmatic solutions to problems affecting industry? Do you want to contribute to the funding of research chairs or the acquisition of equipment? Your donation will be used to support research and innovation at ÉTS.

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Development of ÉTS

In order to accomplish its mission, ÉTS requires a stimulating and highly competitive urban campus. Support the development of ÉTS to help maintain a living and working environment that is conducive to learning, research and innovation, with the facilities necessary to equip the campus of the future geared toward the advancement of education.

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